Beginning next Thursday: DJ P returns!


DJPYeah, yeah, okay, so longtime Springfield spinmeister DJ P, aka Danny Phillips, has been playing shows in Springfield for more than a decade, cutting his teeth spinning in rock-oriented clubs such as The Rockwell back in the day. The mashup specialist moved to Las Vegas for a time, however–and still performs gigs there–but now calls Springfield home again. For those who don’t frequent dance clubs, however, P has been rather below the radar in his hometown. Those days are over; Thursday, May 14, marks P’s return to working with High Life Live manager Scotty Dickinson, with the first of his weekly Thursday-night shows there. It’s an exciting development for music heads who don’t want to endure the music they would hear on most dance nights. P’s set would likely be an ideal lead-in to Friday night’s weekly Black Box Revue shows next door at The Outland, in fact. Someone throw us a headband! We’re ragin’ in here!


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