The Show Report, 5/5: Best. Tuesday. Ever.


Girl Talk

Tonight brings two artists to Springfield performing here for the first time, both extremely popular in genres that are anything but mainstream. Springfield is on the cutting edge of music culture… on a Tuesday. Forget sombreros, margaritas or any of that Cinco de Mayo stuff. Here’s where the parties are at tonight:

* Girl Talk at The Bear Paw at Missouri State University. One of the biggest name-cred mashup DJs in America descends on campus (right next to the bookstore) for a huge FREE SHOW tonight at 8 p.m. This might be the most anticipated May Fest show in MSU’s history. It also has an afterparty, hosted by Black Box Revue, at The Outland Ballroom. $3 over 21, $6 under. You can literally dance the night away. Besides, maybe Girl Talk makes an appearance; you never know.

* SOJA, Josh Heinrichs, 77 Jefferson and The Seed at Remmingtons Downtown. Heinrichs says he’s been trying to bring this renowned reggae act to Springfield for years. Tonight is finally the chance to see them. Not only that, but the members of Speakeasy will be playing with Heinrichs tonight as his backing band during his solo set, which we’re told is a fantastic show in its own right.

* Grant Maledy‘s birthday/going-away jam session at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. Maledy, the saxophonist for Greene Coast and frequent guest performer for many other acts, brings together musicians from his many collaborations to hold down The High Life all night. Watch for sets by Greene Coast and The Springfield Jazz Collective for sure, plus numerous surprises. You won’t want to miss it.

* BringYourGreenHat at TGI Friday’s. The ever-popular acoustic version of this reggae-jam staple takes over a South-side restaurant. Man, anyone up for a burger all of a sudden?

* Tuck & Abney at Coyote’s Adobe Cafe. This acoustic duo brings a highly varied taste in songs to one of the in-the-know low-key show spots in Springfield. Perfect with a Corona.

* Open Mic Night at The Outland. This is the place to be to hear music never heard before: songs-in-progress by established performers, as well as tunes by newcomers getting their feet wet.


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8 Responses to “The Show Report, 5/5: Best. Tuesday. Ever.”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    just got this on facebook…

    Hey everyone. I hope you are all excited for Girl Talk today!!! Just so everyone knows, the show must go on! So in the case of rain the Girl Talk show will be moved to Mcdonald arena on the MSU campus. If the show is moved it may be pushed back a bit. CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR UPDATES!!! otherwise i will see you all at 8:00!

  2. anonymous Says:

    Girltalk blows.

    nuff said.

  3. blondie Says:

    i heard that Pearl will be playing the Cinqo de Mayo fest at Coyote’s.

  4. thederosh Says:

    It’s both, actually. 🙂

  5. thederosh Says:

    Pearl goes on at 9, btw.

  6. Amy Says:

    The SOJA show Tuesday night was the BEST CONCERT EVER!!! The Seed was jammin as the crowd rolled in, 77 Jefferson’s set was definitely top-notch, Josh Heinrichs wowed the crowd with three acoustics and then backed by Speakeasy with a special appearance by I-Ron!!! and then SOJA just freakin rocked my socks with songs both old and new! Aside from a few p.a. issues, this was by far the best local show I have ever ever ever attended! 😀

  7. Shane Says:

    Thanks for the kind words about Tuck and Abney without you and the fans we are nothing…SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC…FOURFOUR is the musics face!

  8. thederosh Says:

    Thanks Shane. We love what you guys do, too. Looking forward to our Rock Talk jam session coming up!

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