This way to your Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues series table, sir/madam…

Finally, a V.I.P. section WITHOUT Paris Hilton in it.

Finally, a V.I.P. section WITHOUT Paris Hilton in it.

There aren’t many three-letter acronyms as fun to toss around as “V.I.P.” Indeed, many of us wish there were more avenues to feel that bend-over-backwards-for-us importance that comes with the special badge and status, such as this exchange:

“Pizza Universe, how can I help you?”

“I’d like a large supreme delivered.”

“That’ll be 30 minutes. Total comes to $12.50.”

“I’d like it in 10 minutes.”

“I’m sorry, sir. That’s not possible.”

“Shut it, fool! Do you know who I am?! V.I.P.! V.I.P.!”

“So sorry, sir. Right away. Blaine, start the car!”

“Put extra anchovies on it!”


“I rule you.”

Local concert promoters have been hip to this desire lately, the latest being Nathan P. Murphy’s on Campbell Avenue. Not only has the club put together a diverse and talented bunch of musicians for its Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues concert series this summer, it has also allowed us pedestrian folk to jump to the other side of the velvet rope, if you will. See what we mean after the break.


The club has put together a V.I.P. ticket package for the Hot Rock ‘n’ Blues concert series that includes tickets to all shows in the series–nine announced so far, plus more forthcoming–as well as reserved table seating, signed memorabilia and more. Cost for the total package is $69–a little more than $7 per show, and that’s not counting the extras. An absolute steal. Call 417-863-1909 for more information or to make reservations. Here’s the schedule of shows announced so far:

Hot Rock & Blues Summer Concert Series:

Fri. May 22       Wes Jeans w/ Black Suede & Underground Blues Division
Fri. June 5        Michelle Malone
Sat. June 20     Big Mike Griffin w/ Classic Reunion
Sat. July 11      The Lifeline
Fri. July 17       Susan Cowsill
Sat. July 18      Chris Thomas King w/ King Clarentz

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