Musket Man, Regal Ransom and band names


The names of the horses at The Kentucky Derby are out of control. But, that reminds me of band names and them getting completely out of control. Who cares?

Wells, riddle me this: Do you think it is harder to pick the name of a horse or the name of a band? Discuss.

Personally, horse names seem more difficult because they have trouble remembering their myspace logins. Thus, they can’t see if some other horse took “Mine That Bird” or if “I Want Revenge” got scratched. Ex. let’s see a bassist remember that without autosave.

Plus being a horse is tougher than a musician, because no drummer is going to get shot after the show for breaking a stick and screwing up the beat.


5 Responses to “Musket Man, Regal Ransom and band names”

  1. Suburban Superhero Says:

    I don’t know, we are on drummer number five… or is it six? Let me go count how many rounds I have left in my gun…

    P.S. I caught your sauce articles, good stuff.

  2. Suburban Superhero Says:

    Ok, I lied. I just read that kurtzender wrote this article.

    I did not find any of his articles in sauce :-p

  3. thederosh Says:

    LOL. Here’s a fun trivia fact for you, KZ: Horse names are usually derived from their sires. If you have a winning horse named, for example, Daddy Warbucks, if it’s put to stud its kids could have names such as Big Daddy, War Profiteer and Starbucks Papa. (That last one made me cringe.)

    Imagine the possibilities with bands, though. Every time you changed a band member you had to come up with some evolution of your previous band name…

  4. Suburban Superhero Says:

    We took a step in the positive from The Magnificent Squirrels to The Magnificents!

    Our second bass player refused to play in a band with a shitty high school band name. I loved it from a marketing standpoint. We could have hot chicks worth our merch booth wearing squirrel ears and call them the Squirrelettes. Oh the possibilities were endless….

  5. Jared Holstein Says:

    i think it’s about the same whether you’re naming a horse or a band. however, people seem to be putting less thought into naming anything these days. it’s getting awkward out there in the wide worlds of music / horse racing.

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