So who’s up for a road trip? It’s festival weekend!


campoutThough we never know from day to day what story the weather is going to tell us, our calendars remind us repeatedly that it’s springtime, and with spring come certain rituals. Barbecues are back, friends float ideas for float trips and concert festivals are becoming all the rage again, with many local bands making the trek to set up and play. On the leading edge of the annual movement are two excellent shows this weekend, one a two-day camping festival and the other a one-day indoor metal fest. We’ve got details on how to be at both after the break.

First up is the Spring Slam in Mt. Vernon, featuring All Kills Aside, Adamant, Blood of the Beholder, Chemical Discipline, The Imperfects and Death May Die. The show is Saturday, May 2 at The Blue Cow Underground. (Click here for directions.) Doors open at 6 p.m. with the show starting at 7. Cover charge is $3.

Then there’s the Terrell Creek Music Festival, May 1 & 2 near Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield (Get directions to Terrell Creek by clicking here):

Free camping and more than 20 hours of live local music: 
Just $20 for the weekend and $15 for Saturday only! 

Whiskey Papa Fox
Strangely Enough

The Lowdown Fancy
Live Oak Band
The Hundred Hand String Band
5 Cells Open

Call 417-849-9948 or 417-861-9039 for more information.

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2 Responses to “So who’s up for a road trip? It’s festival weekend!”

  1. Jared Holstein Says:

    just so everyone knows, holstein has a limited number of $5 tickets to said event (terrell creek). get ahold of us if you want to snag one or two.

  2. Jared Holstein Says:

    oh yeah, contact us via myspace for the ticket inquiry. you can find us at

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