Matthew Darkly breaks free of the studio. Shows coming in June.


md-brokendownorgansUntil now, Moodring Records artist Matthew Darkly was an on-record-only group, releasing a slew of demos that you can listen to or download on the Moodring Records site. However, in recent months Rugs singer Matt Dampier–the brains behind Matthew Darkly–has worked closely with Rugs guitarist/co-songwriter/Moodring honcho Eric Schuchmann to both record a full-length album and prepare the Matthew Darkly project for live performance. The time has come to take the group out of the studio, and we’ll tell you where and when you can finally see it after the break.

Shows are scheduled for June so far, and the rundown is as follows:

Matthew Darkly – June 5 @ Patton Alley Pub, opening for Rags 2 Riches as part of the First Friday Art Walk series

Matthew Darkly – June 6 @ Lindberg’s w/ Pretty/Ugly and First Teenager Ever

Matthew Darkly – June 27 @ The Outland w/ TBA

According to Schuchmann, we should see a completed Matthew Darkly full-length sometime after that. Keep you eyes peeled, and in the meantime enjoy what should be some unusual and entertaining live shows.


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