Roadhouse Downtown now open


In all the madness of news in recent days we neglected to mention a potentially important detail: There are now two Roadhouse Saloon locations–which, potentially, means a new music venue in Springfield. The first, of course, remains at the extreme south end of Springfield (or, if you’re a Nixan, at the extreme north end of Nixa) on South Campbell Avenue about a block south of Aquasports. You know, on the outer road.

That description of the first bar’s location may obviate the motives behind opening a second one; even those who know and go to the original Roadhouse would likely admit it’s not a short trip for most of them to get there. The owners have made the second location much easier to spot–it’s next door to Doe’s Eat Place on East Trafficway, in the old O’Malley’s Pub building. (If you don’t know where Doe’s is, take National Avenue to East Trafficway and turn East. It will come up on your right, about three buildings down.)

We go to these lengths in mentioning this in the hopes that we’re actually describing a new music venue. The owners and managers at Roadhouse have crafted a venue with a character all its own on the south side, and while the former O’Malley’s is significantly smaller we’re hoping the new Roadhouse does the same. We’ll let you know for sure once we find out.


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