The Show Report, 4/27: Hayden will forgive you. We promise.


It's called TiVo. You should use it sometime. Like tonight, for example. And stop staring, perv.

It's called TiVo. You should use it sometime. Like tonight, for example. And stop staring, perv.

Dude. DeRosh, it’s the season finale of Heroes. I mean, have you seen the last few episodes?! It’s gonna be epic. I can’t go see shows tonight. What will happen to the Petrelli brothers?!?!

You can’t be serious. There’s music to see, for Pete’s sake! (That’s not a Peter Petrelli pun, by the way. Nor was that meant to be alliteration. Damnit, never mind.)

Not only are there top-shelf weekly performances going on in Springfield tonight, there’s a Forever Endeavor Productions show you’ll want to get to as well, in a venue you may not have been to before and may also want to check out. It’s a night loaded with intrigue, and it has nothing to do with whether or not Matt Parkman can get his act together and help save the world. We’ll tell you all about it–shows, not Heroes–after the break.

* Vanna, The Closure, Beneath the Empire and Hope In the Unseen at Common Grounds (1701 W. Sunshine St.). Forever Endeavor Productions seriously doesn’t give up. They just put on Beep Beep at The Outland Ballroom Friday night in conjunction with Black Box Revue, and now they’re back at it again with this metal show at one of Springfield’s precious-few all-ages rooms. 

* BringYourGreenHat at Ebbets Field. Okay, technically they play as a two- or three-piece at this show, but it’s still BYGH to us.

* Shawn Eckels and Friends at Coyote’s Adobe Cafe. That’s right, people! If you missed them at Ebbets Field last night, see them here. A very under-the-radar gig, but very popular among those who like to see shows a little off the beaten path.

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