A quick recording update


recordingIt occurs to us that we haven’t done one of these in a while, so we’re going to take a moment and get you up to speed on who is going into the studio and what they’re up to:
* Sweetwater Abilene headed into the studio earlier this week to work on their first full-length recording since 2006’s The Giant Ate the Rainbow. Though a finished product is still on the distant horizon, though.

Holstein is at work with final mixing of Blood On James River, due out in June.

* Recently formed metal group Formant is working on drum tracks in preparation for an album release later this year. 

* Country-rock band Bottlefish, if tweets are to be believed, is going into the studio to record more tracks. Could an album be on the way?

Have we left any bands out? We suspect so. If that’s the case, give us the scoop in the comments section. Inform Springfield!


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5 Responses to “A quick recording update”

  1. Tim middaugh Says:

    Burn the Mute (stl) is in the process of recording its first full length album.

  2. Bring Your Green Hat Says:

    Bring Your Green Hat is also in the studio working on a 14 track album! Due out in early summer!

  3. poor man's vision Says:

    we are recording. still. always. it will be ready. someday.

  4. kev Says:

    I dont know where everyone is recording, but I know of an awesome studio south of springfield about 30 minutes. they are only charging 35 an hour right now… and the Engineer is awesome. You guys should check them out and save some money to go towards merch for your shows… Have a good one.


  5. Roots of Mankind Says:

    Roots of Mankind just finished mixing their debut album and will be releasing it in june!!!

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