Once more, for Grant


grantGrant Maledy, saxophonist for Greene Coast and The Springfield Jazz Collective as well as being one of the scene’s longest-running and most prolific collaborators, is moving to Kansas City in early summer to prepare for new full-time job in teaching. However, the bands and friends he’s collaborated with apparently aren’t letting him slip away quietly.

A going-away party of sorts is scheduled at The High Life Live Martini Lounge for Tuesday, May 5, with a jam session as its centerpiece. Members of many–perhaps all–of the bands Maledy has collaborated with, onstage and on record, are expected to attend and perform, which means members of (deep breath):

Greene Coast
Springfield Jazz Collective
Jah Roots
Jam Room
The Seed
Arkamo Rangers 
Roots Of Mankind
Pilot Whale Live

and many more

The show should get started around 10 p.m.


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4 Responses to “Once more, for Grant”

  1. grant Says:

    Thanks for the love, guys! I hope to have a finalized (ish) lineup done this week, and hope everyone will come out for the $1 cover party on the real cinco. Nothing like celebrating the battle of puebla!

  2. Dustin Rehagen Says:

    Count me in Grant.

  3. stllocalmusic Says:

    Grant, you are awesome! I’ll try to make it….and you are coming back to Springfield for Greene Coast shows correct?

  4. grant Says:

    hells yeah! i gotta git my 417 fixes in. the fall will be pretty sparse, but summer winter and spring should hold pretty steady.

    Duk! see ya there!

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