Horns… We need… Horns…


magnificentsWord comes to us on the heels of an enormously successful show with River City Rebels that local ska group The Magnificents! is seeking to grow its lineup and go on tour. The missing part: horns. The band wants to take its ska sound full-blown and is welcoming auditions for pretty much any brass instrument that fits the mold. Anyone interested should understand first and foremost that the band’s plan is to take its show on the road, and be willing to practice and play with that goal in mind. For more information call James at 816-853-2146.


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9 Responses to “Horns… We need… Horns…”

  1. Suburban Superhero Says:

    I’m just leaving a comment here because that picture of us is totally awesome! It’s true, we are bad ass.

  2. Jared Holstein Says:

    it is a good one. i used to play trombone. i sure am a lot of help.

  3. thederosh Says:

    That’s Monkey’s photo, and he makes many bands in this town look badass. I like the potential for a Holstein-Magnificents collabo…

  4. Suburban Superhero Says:

    Monkey does indeed make people look bad ass.

    I’m not quite sure what to make out of that holstein comment… :-p But you should call me if you are interested!!!

  5. grant Says:

    attention people that want horns, contact me at grant at greenecoast dot com, i can probably help ya out.

  6. Jared Holstein Says:

    i was just agreeing with the picture’s badass status. was it taken from when we played with you dudes at lindberg’s?

    as for the trombone, we’d better leave that to someone else. i’m sure i’m useless with one by this point. i still have it though.

  7. Suburban Superhero Says:

    Yeah, that was from our Lindberg’s show. That was a great show. Fun times had by all! We should do it again sometimes. Or are you guys too fancy for us small time bands now that you have another album coming :-p

  8. Jared Holstein Says:

    Holstein is quite possibly the farthest thing from fancy that I know of. Of course we’d love to do another show with The Magnificents. We had a blast that night as well. How do you feel about the July/August months? Email us or send us a message at one of our various socal network pages and we’ll set something up.

  9. Suburban Superhero Says:

    Various social network pages? And you say you’re not fancy.

    I can’t commit to anything right now, but I definitely keep in touch!

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