Bands holding hands: Cross-genre megashow coming in June


bands-holding-handsA couple of years ago a group of local musicians held regular meetings which led to the creation of Springfield Bands Holding Hands. The idea was simple: promote musical appreciation among different local genres by putting together a series of concerts with bands that might not otherwise play together. If you showed up for the whole show, you could be exposed to music you might otherwise never see while you waited to see the band you came for.

The group didn’t gain traction, but its legacy lives on in a show idea from the guys in Roots Of Mankind. We’ll tell you more about it after the break.

On June 27 ROM leads a group of bands from a wide variety of genres, all performing at Remmingtons Downtown. Among the other acts scheduled are Jam Room (reggae), The Spacetones (hip hop), Only the Brave (hardcore) and We Voyagers (indie rock). More acts are anticipated to be announced in the near future, as is the cover charge.

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  2. Unity II: It's On | TheFourFour Says:

    […] a groundswell of effort against that in recent years. The countermeasures arguably culminated in the Unity concert last June at Remmingtons Downtown, a show that brought together acts from numerous genres onstage and brought their fans into the […]

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