Nail: Jah Roots 2.0 will use a different name


The best news we’ve heard all week is that Jah Roots is, in fact, not split up. The band is moving on without singer Josh Heinrichs, and according to percussionist Josh Nail the group will have a different name when it returns, although Nail says the band has not settled on what it will be yet. The group also will not be adding any new members; Nail tells us the plan is to continue with the current lineup and have Aaron “I-Ron” Berger front the group. As fans of I-Ron’s rhyme interjections, we’re already intrigued. Watch for more news on this as it develops.


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3 Responses to “Nail: Jah Roots 2.0 will use a different name”

  1. grant Says:

    Hells Yeah!

  2. Crazy Long Hair Says:

    That’s Awesome Maybe they can be the P-Hens

  3. RastaMajah Says:

    Bless up! That is fantastic!

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