A Jah Roots update


jah-in-tulsaThere’s a new wrinkle in the Jah Roots “indefinite hiatus” saga, and it comes to us from Josh Nail, the group’s now-former percussionist. Nail tells us the other members of Jah Roots–percussionist Nail, bassist Steve Washburn, drummer Eric Groves, guitarist Mike Hulsey and rapper Aaron “I-Ron” Berger–are still doing music together separately from singer Josh Heinrichs. The group is reportedly putting new songs and sets together and hopes to debut them by late summer. No word yet on whether or not the band will retain the name Jah Roots in its new configuration, but it’s good news to hear that, one way or another, a band that’s brought so many good times to its audience is carrying on.


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9 Responses to “A Jah Roots update”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Can’t we all just get along? You guys are supposed to be role models here, come on!

  2. no kidding... Says:

    It is obvious that a “certain someone” has their head in the sand. Lighten up Josh, these are your life long friends. You can’t just toss them to the side!

  3. Jah Roots Fan Says:

    It’s nice to see someone actually talking about what is going on with Jah Roots, because the facts are that nobody was kicked out, the band did not break up, one of the founding members quit, and it is nice to know they are still going strong, and they will continue as long as their fans continue to show support, The other comment is about ‘Jah Easy”, I mean seriously that is an insult to fans of both Speak Easy and Jah Roots, because last time I checked they are both still together. Yeah Josh might be doing something with them, so call it “Josh Easy” or even “Speak Heinrichs”, I think it would still be silly. Also remember Josh WAS in a band call Jah Roots but in the upmost respect one man does not make a band.

  4. thederosh Says:

    Agreed on the first part, Jah Roots Fan. There’s been a lot of talk going around for weeks now, but it’s been pulling teeth to get the members of the band–the only definitive sources for info–to tell their fans what’s going on on the record. You bring up stuff that hasn’t been explicitly stated by either side, so I’m guessing you’re privy to some more info they’re not getting out there yet. Hopefully everyone gets some clarity soon.

    However, regarding “Jah Easy…” Relax. This has all been difficult news for fans to bear, but insulting? A little levity can go a long way at such a time. The article specifically states that Speakeasy is just playing with Heinrichs as part of his solo sets; they’re all having fun with the notion of the gigs, so we did, too. The conglomeration doesn’t have a name, and it won’t. We gave it one based on what the people involved are best known for–hell, even Heinrichs refers to himself as “formerly of Jah Roots”–so the casual reader would have some reference.

  5. no kidding... Says:

    Regardless of what happens, I wish all the best for the band. This group of guys are timeless friends. Unless these wounds are healed, someone is in for some serious regret. On a friend level reconciliation should and could take place at some point, even if they don’t ever play together again.

    But by far the greatest “Joy” any Jah Roots fan could have is if all of them made up and continued providing great music that has literally made the soundtracks of peoples life’s and intimately touched anyone who had the pleasure of hearing those iron clad, tight sounds emanating out of Spring Town 🙂

    Best of luck to the future, whatever it may bring. We are all listening !

  6. Nail: Jah Roots 2.0 will use a different name « Says:

    […] 2.0 will use a different name By thederosh The best news we’ve heard all week is that Jah Roots is, in fact, not split up. The band is moving on without singer Josh Heinrichs, and according to percussionist Josh Nail the […]

  7. Reason and Rationality Says:

    “In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.”… “Temper gets you into trouble and pride keeps you there.”… “No one ever choked to death swallowing his own pride.”…….

  8. This is retarded Says:

    ^ Well said my friend. Pride is the bastard in us all! I don’t know what happened, but I think someone needs to take a little time to regroup. Jah Root is/was? one of the best bands to ever come out of springtown and I just hope they can all make up.

  9. Chingalo Says:

    …. Wow, so sad to hear that another hippy front movement died, maybe if there weren’t so many egos on this trip it may have seen it through… loved seeing these guys play, not that they ever payed any mind, just another seat in the house for the huge bill it took for them to grace us with presence… but man, a show none the less, just to much drama. I hope they all like cooking!

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