Layne Lives: “In Chains” tribute coming Saturday


layneBelieve it or not, it’s been more than seven years since the death of Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley from a drug overdose in April 2002. Gone but not forgotten, Staley’s music lived on in Springfield through a series of “In Chains” tribute shows held from 2003-05. Organized by Avarice singer Nate White, the tribute show died when Avarice split up following the 2005 concert.

Now it’s back. Alice fans, and anyone else who digs hard rock the way it used to be done, click the link and find out what you’re in for. It’s a killer show.
White says that with Brand Of Freak on a break to let the other members work on their cover band Wizzardz of Ozz (with the apparent exception of the Korn Battle of the Bands, in which BOF is a contestant), he’s getting Avarice back together to help revive the In Chains tribute show this Saturday (April 18) at The Outland Ballroom.

The lineup will be Avarice (playing for the first time in four years, with special guest John Anderson of Superstring Theory and The Collective on drums), along with Pillbox (making a rare show appearance), Ilijah, Hate To Feel (a one-off band named after one of the few AIC songs Staley wrote all the lyrics and music to) and Awaking Chaos.

Advance tickets are $5 at Stick It In Your Ear and Kaleidoscope. Tickets at the door are $7 for anyone 21 and older and $10 for those under 21. (Please note: Minors with advance tickets will pay $5, but will also have to pay a $2 minor surcharge at the door.) Doors open at 7 p.m.


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