It’s official: Girl Talk coming to May Day at MSU

Girl Talk 


Girl Talk

Ha, and you thought you had to drive to a major city to see one of America’s hottest DJs. You just have to go to campus. We’ll tell you where on campus to be and at what time after the break.
This years Missouri State University May Day festival will run May 5 and 6 at The Bear Paw by Plaster Student Union. May 5 begins with a performance by renowned Chicago Pittsburgh-based DJ/producer Girl Talk at 8 p.m. and continuing till, well, whenever Girl Talk feels like stopping.


The May 6 schedule runs all day beginning at noon and will have live music by Kimi Most, As Of Now, Truett & The Traitors and Kalai. Closing out the May 6 festivities will be a performance by The Schwag paired with a sweet visual aid: the fire-handling extravaganza of Pyromorphic.

Throughout both days and nights you’ll find free food and games; also, admission is free, which, if we’ve caught you napping with this one, means FREE ADMISSION TO SEE GIRL TALK. We’re still a day away from MSU’s official release on the event, so stay tuned for specific times.


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4 Responses to “It’s official: Girl Talk coming to May Day at MSU”

  1. Rev Theory returns to Outland Ballroom May 18 « Says:

    […] build-up in the number of popular-touring-band concerts in Springfield recently. While Korn and Girl Talk may be the crescendo–the year is still young, so we’re not holding our breath just […]

  2. lindsey Says:

    this is amazing

  3. DJ Sexauer Says:

    He’s from Pittsburgh, not Chicago.

  4. thederosh Says:

    Good catch. I must have had Chicago on the brain for some reason.

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