Substitute Roots? Jah singer to perform with Speakeasy as backing band


heinrichsOne of the interesting details regarding the Jah Roots “indefinite hiatus” announcement was that singer Josh Heinrichs would carry out the band’s scheduled shows by performing solo. Good news… made even better by the message Heinrichs sent us. Get ready for an uncommonly good reggae show. More after the break.

Heinrichs wrote us last Friday with two big announcements. We’ll let him tell you in his words first, putting a few important points in bold for emphasis:
“In May my production company will be bringing SOJA to Missouri for the first time. This band has played all over Europe, South America, Guam, Hawaii, all over the US , sells out The Roxy in LA yatta yatta, these guys are amazing needless to say.
It is a dream come true personally for me to have them come to Springfield and have been working for years to have them come…
“So I was just gonna open acoustic for the Springfield show on May 5th, 
but the other night I opened for Speakeasy by myself acoustically (Youtube footage soon) at The Blue Note in Columbia to about 300 people and it was awesome and very well received. I was freaking out how much people still dug it, singing along, screaming and blazing up the venue like a normal Jah show… anyways,
I was lucky enough to have Speakeasy join me for my final 2 songs and it was CRAZY BADASS(Footage coming soon too!)
“Everyone was loving it! Speakeasy are so amazing to be able to go from Jamband Rock to Roots Reggae so easily….
Anyways long story short, haha
it went so well, 
They are now gonna be my offical back up band for my entire set on the May 5th show opening for SOJA.

“SOJA/Josh Heinrichs/77 Jefferson/The Seed show at Remmingtons.

“So I just thought Id share that.

“PS Look out for more shows being announced together very soon !”

To recap: We have an internationally known reggae group coming to Springfield May 5 at Remmingtons Downtown, and not only are The Seed and 77 Jefferson sharing the bill, we’ll have the singer of one of Springfield’s best-known bands backed by another of Springfield’s best-known bands. Better still, there’s the prospect of more Jah Easy shows in the future. We’re already stoked.

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One Response to “Substitute Roots? Jah singer to perform with Speakeasy as backing band”

  1. Jah Roots Fan Says:

    Jah Easy, Speak Roots, what is this a a fantasy realized?

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