The FourFour Show learns to speak with a southern drawl this week


Warning: This video may not be suitable for some surfers. Some may deem it not safe for work, others may really like it. At any rate, you’ve been warned.

Note: For highest quality viewing, click “HQ” button on the youtube toolbar.

Ladies and Gentleman, is proud to present the fifth episode of The FourFour Show with Kurtzender. Sit back, relax, and turn that noggin into mush with us.

Attention bands, venues, promoters/label owners:
Come be a guest on the show. Come hype your band, venue or label, ruffle some feathers, pick some bones, throw some…okay, you get it- We want to see your pretty faces and so does our local music scene. Get in touch with us cause we are booking appearances right now.


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4 Responses to “The FourFour Show learns to speak with a southern drawl this week”

  1. Trent Wilson Says:

    I am amazed that the editing team made sense of that insanity. Once again, great stuff.

  2. Scott P. Says:

    so i’ve heard a story that tells me you guys downed a few pitchers and a large number of shots. i tip my hat boys.

    great episode. looking forward to the show!

  3. thederosh Says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, one of the reasons I love Jeb Venable:

    He’s the only guy I know who wears a bottle opener on a chain around his neck, he’s probably had more from that pitcher and shot glasses than anyone there, and he STILL manages to come up with analogies such as, “No one’s gonna find you. You’re the crest of the river water, crashing against the rocks, and God bless you if you crest enough to get over.”

    ****ing brilliant.

  4. stllocalmusic Says:

    LMAO!!!! I love how Trent just randomly walks in 🙂

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