Former members of The Horizon is After Us form new band: FORMANT



Turns out that after a nearly year-long break, former members of The Horizon is After Us have reformed with new members and new music to make the new band, FORMANT. More after the break.

Note: I’m not gonna write this in third person being that it involves groups that I play in.

The group reformed recently by coincidence. Turns out some old friends, Dan Knatcal and Derek Potter (formerly of Psychavoc—back in the day) were forming a new band with all new music. I initially joined up to play bass. After a few months, the then drummer left the group and I took over on drums. Enter Erik McGreevy to take on the bass. With a full set’s worth of material, we just needed a singer. Former front man of Kill The Excuse, Doug Braudway, stepped in. A new metal act (yet to be named) was formed. (More word on this act in the near future.)

Turns out, Erik McGreevy has been hard at work writing new material in the past year. After practices and jam sessions with said above band, Erik would sometimes show some of his latest work. After mentioning he was wanting to get a band together to play the new music, we decided to give it a shot. Enter Lance Grant on vocals. This was just over 2 weeks ago. Only difference other than the music of the two bands is that Derek and Erik swap guitar and bass—and we swap singers. We now are show ready and are ready to go. We’ve updated the former Myspace acount of The Horizon is After Us with FORMANT music and info.

Stop by and take a listen at Look for us playing Springfield and all over the midwest very soon.

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