What the f*** is a sativa convention?


sativa1Don’t get us wrong; we know it has something to do with marijuana. After all, the Sativa Convention concert is scheduled for April 20–4-20, the number combination usually associated with smoking marijuana–but we didn’t get the specific reference. We are ignorant no longer: sativa is the second word in cannabis sativa, the scientific name for the plant from which marijuana is taken. It’s a clever reference, to be sure, although the word convention still makes us think of a hotel ballroom full of finance-company employees with name tags discussing this year’s updated tax bylaws. Good times. The show really should be a good time, though–hopefully name-tag-free–and we’ll give you the rundown on the other side of the link.

The lineup, as it stands now, consists of The Highest Priest, Too Much, State of Mizzouri, Plasticity Switch and Wicked Waves. Springfield NORML will also be on-hand with booth space, volunteers and, if past shows are any indication, tasty plant-shaped sugar cookies. The 18-and-up show costs $6 to get into and the doors open at The Outland Ballroom at 9 p.m.


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4 Responses to “What the f*** is a sativa convention?”

  1. Jerick Says:

    I’ve never been much for any kind of drug, medical or not. I go for organic and herbal when I can, so what about legal highs, do they work?

  2. chrysa Says:

    Thanks for mentioning my cookies! 🙂

  3. reverend jeff Says:

    there is also “indica”

  4. Ginny Says:

    The Highest Priest shows always rock…I’ll definately be there. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 4:20!!

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