Do Tell & The Rumors seeking a cellist


dotellIf we were given one word to describe Do Tell & The Rumors, our choice would be “careful.” The band chooses its shows carefully, it seems–we don’t know of a show by the band since Valentine’s Day at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery–and it’s certainly careful with its music, too, which is part of what makes its finished product so enjoyable. So when we heard the melodic backwoods-folk group was looking to incorporate a new member–on cello, no less–we sat up and paid attention. This could be no rushed decision, after all. We also asked for more details, which we got and present to you after the break.

According to bassist Chase Lepard, the goal is to find a cellist who can write his or her own parts for songs and who can play on-record and at the band’s concerts. Since the band’s shows aren’t frequent, Lepard says the time demands should be minimal. If you’d like to audition, or just find out more, you can contact the band at or through its MySpace page.


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One Response to “Do Tell & The Rumors seeking a cellist”

  1. Chase Says:

    woo hoo! thanks guys.

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