TWO local Celtic bands? Introducing The Bedlam Saints


bedlamsaints1It’s no secret that, following the disagreement within Branson-based Celtic rock group Dirty Old Towne about the band’s decision to stay in Branson another year, guitarist Dan Richards and bassist “Danny Boy” Wilburn left the group. The surprising bit of information is what they’re up to now: a new band. We’ve got more about it after the break.

Richards and Wilburn have combined to form Bedlam Saints, and so far they’re the only two confirmed members, although the band’s MySpace blog says the band is in the process of auditioning musicians to round out the lineup.

So why is this surprising? After Dirty Old Towne’s big come-to-Jesus meeting about the band’s future, Wilburn not only left the band but was reportedly preparing to leave town, preferring that to putting up with another Branson show season to line up the funds and opportunity to take the band on the road. Now, with Bedlam Saints, Wilburn and Richards will have to stay in town a while to build a new act almost from scratch. Oh well. Sometimes it takes patience to achieve what one wants in life, doesn’t it?

The brightest spot in all of this is that both sides view the split as amicable and each band wishes the other success going forward. We see a different scenario forming altogether: Bedlam Saints and Dirty Old Towne performing shows together, one opening for the other, with fastest car bomb shot deciding the headliner.


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9 Responses to “TWO local Celtic bands? Introducing The Bedlam Saints”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    I vote for both on the same show! Can I compete in the fastest car bomb shot and then get to flip a coin?

  2. Scott P. Says:

    cuz we know i’m gonna win

  3. thederosh Says:

    I predict Dossey wins. I’ve heard things about his track record.

  4. stllocalmusic Says:

    I wonder if they’ll incorporate different instruments than DOT like bagpipes, or more traditional instruments….and I say Scott would win the car bomb shot.

  5. thederosh Says:

    No word yet on whom Bedlam Saints are auditioning, but everything I’ve heard from DOT suggests that they’ll be diversifying their instruments in the group. We’ll know more when they come on Rock Talk Sunday night to explain.

    I’ve seen Scott and Dossey both do car bombs, and trust me, Dossey wins. WAY too much practice.

    Out of the three of us, I finish somewhere around 17th.

  6. Trent Wilson Says:

    Eric Weiler is the only human being that can out carbomb me, and it’s close, (sigh)……. so close, when we race.

  7. Scott P. Says:

    I accept the challenge! Carbombs Saturday night at Lindberg’s! We’ll set up a bracket. haha

  8. Scott P. Says:

    Maybe make it a round robin tourny…or F it, let just have multiple rounds and see who wins each time!

  9. celticmusicfan Says:

    Celtic rock is really rockin!

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