Springfield’s “Greens” Club? Nathan P. Murphy’s to host Earth Day megaparty


Nathan P. Murphy’s, which has long referred to itself as “Springfield’s Blues Club,” is about to have a massive case of the “greens.” The club is planning a huge party for Earth Day (April 22), helping people learn how to live “green” while listening to “green” bands. We’ll explain more after you do some clicking below.

The show, titled Rock & Recycle, benefits Drury University’s Think Green! program with proceeds coming from the $5 ($9 for minors) door charge. It is also the wrap-up to the City of Springfield’s Earth Day festivities, during which you’ll find events at the Dickerson Park Zoo, Discovery Center of Springfield and Computer Recycling Center. (Click here for an expanded list of activities.) What do you get for coming in? How about two of Springfield’s hardest-working bands: Greene Coast and BringYourGreenHat. (Yes, they both have the word “green” in their name. Okay, sort of; Greene Coast spells it differently, but hey, we live in Greene County, so it’s not unusual.) Think Green! representatives will also be on hand to talk to concertgoers about ways to make their workplaces and homes more environmentally friendly. The show begins at 7 p.m.

TheFourFour.com is proud to sponsor this event.


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