So… Who’s ready to play The Battlefield Mall?!


We thought it was a cool trend to see Indie clothing store downtown sponsoring local rock shows and providing clothing for musicians to wear while they play, but now comes a new development in the retail sector that has us truly excited. Bands, are you ready to take your shows to the money-spending masses? Details after the break.

A St. Louis-area-based (judging from the contact number’s area code) group is putting together weekly concerts at Pac~Sun inside of Battlefield Mall. It’s a concert idea that has several potential factors in its favor, including:

1. Most mallgoers, we can safely surmise, don’t spend a lot of time at local shows, so it’s an untapped audience that could, in time, be persuaded to change its normal weekend routine to include more shows in places they normally happen.

2. Mallgoers have money to spend, or they wouldn’t be in the mall. Make them spend some on band merch.

3. Any Mall concert would have to be over by Mall closing time, which, if we recall, is 9 p.m. An especially enterprising band could play there AND another gig in one night.

Here’s the info message sent to us, in full:

“Thats right…let me know if you are interested in playing a live show at Pac~Sun in Springfield, MO at the Battlefield Mall. The shows will be on Friday or Saturday nights. Im just trying to see who is interested in playing. Message me on here or shoot me a phone call/text at (573) 578-5880.

“Hope to hear from ya….

“Peace and ❤

“Seth Kean- Sk! Promotions”

Sweet! We hope to see at least a few of these shows come together, and we hope to hear about them when they do.


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2 Responses to “So… Who’s ready to play The Battlefield Mall?!”

  1. aboyandhispiano Says:

    That looks like a Columbia/Jefferson City/Lake of the Ozarks area code. STL is 314.

  2. Springfield Hot Topic to begin booking acoustic shows « Says:

    […] Hot Topic to begin booking acoustic shows By thederosh This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a store in the Battlefield Mall booking local artists to play their room, but […]

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