Rock Talk (4/5/09): Local Music Appreciation episode! 2 full hours of local music (18 songs)



So last Saturday was April 4, or 4/4, or FourFour. We wanted to do some huge event, but A) no money and B) no time…BUT also a secret C) we ARE working on a few big events that we’ll let you know a bit more about in the upcoming weeks. But we had this crazy idea for this week’s episode of Rock Talk, local music appreciation. You know you can always tune in to 106.7 on Sunday nights at 10 for over an hour of Rock Talk for interviews, updates, live studio performances…and of course music! We love this, but there’s only one problem. We can usually only fit in a few acts an episode. There sooooo much more going on that that. So we felt it would be a good idea to play as much music as we could to give people a glimpse at all the fantastic music we have in our little city.

In this episode, 106.7’s local show, Rock Talk goes for a full 2 hours straight! We play 18 songs! Two hours of local music on the radio! 2 HOURS PEOPLES! We have the whole episode and band list after the jump. Listen in and tell some friends cuz this is one for the books (and only the first of many). More details…

So, we’re pretty excited about this episode, and we’re planning on doing more like it, or even add TheFourFour’s top 4 of the week to the end of the show to highlight some new music, or a few bands with shows that week, etc. What do you think? Let us know below!

So here’s the list of bands we talk about and play in this episode:

    Washington Irving
    Dirty Old Towne
    Jam Room
    Queen City Saints
    Eric Weiler Band
    Poor Man’s Vision
    Erik McGreevy
    Burnt Echoes
    Glass Bottom Boat Ride
    Chris Aytes & The Good Ambition
    Cindy Woolf
    The Rugs
    King Clarentz

(no particular order)

Listen here:
Rock Talk 4/5/09 part 1.mp3
Rock Talk 4/5/09 part 2.mp3
Rock Talk 4/5/09 part 3.mp3
Rock Talk 4/5/09 part 4.mp3
Rock Talk 4/5/09 part 5.mp3
Rock Talk 4/5/09 part 6.mp3

Rock Talk is the all things local radio program that airs on Z 106.7 Sunday nights from 10-11pm. Rock Talk is hosted by Simon Nytes and co-hosted by Chris and Scott from If you would like to get your band on Rock Talk, contact us at for booking. For back episodes of Rock Talk featuring tons of bands and live performances, just click the “Rock Talk” tag. Thanks for listening.

Rock Talk is brought to you by S.A.U.C.E. Magazine!
(Check these guys out, they’re awesome!)


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    […] It was an idea so good, and so popular, we had to do it again. In fact, it came up the night of the first Local Music Appreciation Night, which was held in honor of 4/4 Day. That was a fun occasion to assemble two hours’ worth of local-music songs to play; this time […]

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