Official word from The Filthy Thirds


We promised to follow up on The Filthy Thirds‘ announcement of its final show at Lindberg’s on May 30, and singer Trent Wilson was quick to oblige. Wilson sent us a lengthy explanation of his decision that is well worth a read, so we’ve published it in its entirety after the break.

To quote Wilson’s statement:

“There comes a time when you have to realize that you are flogging a dead horse. We don’t want to carry on and turn the band into a joke. One of my worst fears is being in my thirties still trying to “make it”. I’ll always play music and write songs, but I know that the Filthy Thirds will never be a meal ticket for any of us. It has been an incredible ride over the years and we have had some wild times. It is time to move on. I’d rather go out on top than continue to drag it out for a few more years and become that band that everyone makes fun of for being the old guys still chasing the dream. I am much too realistic to allow that to happen.

“Anyway, the guys in the band have numerous projects that require more attention, and I sincerely want to see them pursue their respective endeavors. The reason I didn’t mention anything about this on The FourFour Show last week is simply due to the fact that [guitarist] Toad [Wyrick] and I had not told the rest of the band yet, and they deserved a face to face conversation for something like this. We are all still great friends and are going to continue the other things we do (BoogeyMen, Detectives, etc…) as no one is mad. I’m fairly certain they all saw it coming anyway. My interest in the band has been declining for quite a long time now, and Toad needs to focus on the Cropdusters, who I want to see make a serious run at it because I whole heartedly and sincerely want to see that band make something happen for themselves. I’m willing to sacrifice The Filthy Thirds to see that happen. Will it make a difference in the scheme of things? Probably not, but at least Toad won’t have the Thirds to distract him anymore.

“[Drummer] Mike [Rumsey] has also expressed interest in going on tour with the Spites, so I wish him the best with that. [Bassist] Donnie [Kraft], of course, will have no trouble staying busy, and [guitarist] Nathan [Clarkson] has his business to operate. What will I do? I will still be seen onstage with the Weiler Band, The BoogeyMen, The Detectives, Pilot Whale Live, and the Guns when we get enough material together. Chances are I will start another project. I’m looking forward to working with new folks, writing new and different songs, and starting fresh on something. As to what type of project to expect from me, well, all I can say is expect the unexpected. [Eric] Weiler and I have tossed the idea around about starting a punk band, and Jeb [Venable] and I have entertained the notion of a southern style groove metal band. So, maybe you’ll see something like that. Thanks to everyone and we will all see you out there very soon. 


Given his intentions of letting his best friend follow his dreams with The Cropdusters, it seems anyone would be hard pressed to fault Wilson’s choice. While no one would be excited to see a good band go by the wayside, it’s not the end of any member’s involvement in music, so the negatives are relatively few in our book. That said, it won’t stop us from wishing for an occasional “reunion” show. After all, a life without face-melting rock is a life not lived.

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