The final word on McGill


We ran into McGill singer and guitarist Jason Wilson last night at about closing time and spent a few minutes clearing the air on the conflicting stories surrounding the band’s current situation. Finally, the whole truth emerges. We’ve got it for you after the break.

Wilson says he’s leaving McGill, citing burnout and a desire to concentrate more on his home life. His initial refuting of the breakup talk, he says, came from being in the middle of choosing whether or not he wanted to go on with the band. However, after more consideration later Wilson says he decided his heart simply wasn’t in it anymore. Publicizing the breakup also ran contrary to Wilson’s hope to stay under the radar and simply let the group fade into obscurity.

No word yet on whether or not the group will consider carrying on without Wilson, though we suspect it would be hard to do, as he has been the face of the band since its inception. Nonetheless, we suspect Wilson will turn up on some stages performing solo down the road, and we wish him the best when he’s ready to do it.


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One Response to “The final word on McGill”

  1. Editor Matt Says:

    Nothing but the best to Norris and the guys.

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