Wilson: McGill breakup info a “publicity stunt,” band pausing to record


Also not funny: When bands mislead their fans for their own amusement.

Whom to believe? The day after we’re forwarded information from two sources within McGill that the group is done comes word via text message from lead singer, songwriter and founding member Jason Wilson, aka Jason McGill, that the group is, in fact, not broken up. The singer’s side of it comes after the break.

To paraphrase Wilson’s message, the group is not breaking up, but rather is taking time off to record. However, some of the band’s other members thought it would be funny to tell others that the band is breaking up as a–quoting Wilson here–“publicity stunt.”

We have no idea which side of the story is actually accurate at this point, but we do know this: Intentionally spreading misinformation will IMMEDIATELY land a band on our s*** list. This marks the second time this calendar year alone that a band has deliberately tried to mislead its fans, and we only just started April. This will be ranted about at length tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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One Response to “Wilson: McGill breakup info a “publicity stunt,” band pausing to record”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    oh snap. not cool

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