TOMORROW: Prepare to be Mystery Hour-ed



Can an improv-comedy talk show become a verb? You know what? We don’t care. We’re making it so. Jeff Houghton’s monthly comedic showcase at The Skinny Improv impacts the funny bone with the force of something involving strong verb-like wording, but in spite of how much we laugh the comedy isn’t our favorite part. It’s the live musical guests, of course. This month’s show, coming up tomorrow night, is another great one, and we’ve got the lineup–including musical guest–after the break.

The show’s lineup is as follows:

Friday, April 3rd

10:15 pm

Skinny Improv Comedy Theatre
JENNIFER ROTHSCHILD, nationally renowned speaker, author and musician

LINCOLN WHISLER and DEVIN DURHAM, owners of 1984 arcade

THE WISENHEIMERS, awesome musical guest

Plus, music, comedy bits, and the continued saga with Dave Snider.

Don’t miss this exciting lineup of guests!
Tickets are still only $5.00
Get your tickets online at

Good to see The Wisenheimers getting more show opportunities; the group has been popular on the local college circuit lately and deserves a wider audience. Oh, and we’d be remisce if we didn’t include the opening paragraph of Houghton’s email as added enticement to go tomorrow night:

“The Mystery Hour has been sitting on the couch eating Cheez Its and trail mix missing you. The Mystery Hour said some things it didn’t mean and now it wants you back. So maybe we could get together Friday. It’s cool, no pressure, no expectations. In the least you could come to the theater to get your things. It would just be great to see you. We’re great together.”

Note: The Mystery Hour is not a creepy, obsessed Lifetime-movie ex-boyfriend. It’s a hilarious comedy show with good music. See you there.


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