Open mic resurgence? Pappy’s to start hosting one 4/14


pappysIt wasn’t long ago that there was a proliferation of open mic nights in Springfield. Not only did The Outland host its weekly music-on-the-low get-together, but you could find others at Nathan P. Murphy’s, Bugsy Malone’s, Dennis’ Place and more. Time whittled the list back down to The Outland–still going strong there–but now a new hat may be thrown into the ring. According to a thread on the MoRawk boards, a very successful open mic/jam session at northside barbecue spot Pappy’s Place (943 N. Main Ave., 417-866-8744) sparked the desire of the staff to turn it into a regular event. As with any open mic night, the event is open to any genre; thread commenters seem to agree that Pappy’s is more conducive to country and folk music, however. Watch for the first open mic night at Pappy’s Place to happen April 14. Call for more details.


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3 Responses to “Open mic resurgence? Pappy’s to start hosting one 4/14”

  1. Lil Says:

    Dennis’ never stopped having their Open Jam night on Tuesdays

  2. Scott P. Says:

    that’s a good point. we should have a post of all the open mic nights

  3. thederosh Says:

    If there are more than Dennis’ and Outland (and, of course, Pappy’s), then yes.

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