Storyline prepares debut EP



We’ve had Storyline‘s demo for at least a couple of months now, and it sounds polished enough (far more than most demos) that we often forget that it is just a three-song demo. The band, however, does not forget, and the group formerly known as One Star Story has been hard at work in the studio rounding out additional tracks to make a full-fledged recording they can sell. Sell it they will, and you can find more information–including where and how to get it–and a brief promo vid after the break.

Storyline’s EP is titled Welcome Home and, while it’s not available for mass release yet, you can pre-order the album with some sweet extra gifts by clicking on these funny-colored words. We would tell you what the extra pre-order gifts are, but the band went the extra mile of producing a short video to explain everything, so we’ll let the vid do the talking. We can’t post it here (MySpace TV doesn’t upload in WordPress), but here’s the link to watch it for yourself.


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One Response to “Storyline prepares debut EP”

  1. Jason Says:

    These guys are excellent and the EP sounds great.

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