Rock Talk (3/22/09) with guests Chris Aytes and Daniel Maple



We apologize for the delay, but WordPress seems to be having some difficulties with the audio file upload system. Well, hopefully this solution will work just fine.

This week we had Chris Aytes stop by. He let us in a some new tracks and performs a few tracks live in the studio. (We super-dig that new track Chris). He also spills the beans on the cause of the band’s temporary hiatus. After Chris, we were joined by Daniel Maple (a.k.a. Johnny Bukkake) of the Never Saints and Urban Legends to name just a few of the many bands and projects he’s involved in. Daniel is hilarious as always, jams a few songs on acoustic, including a Tom Waits cover (nice!). He also made up a Rock Talk theme song ON THE SPOT and it rocks. Listen in because this was a fun one folks.

Thanks for listening. Be sure to tell some friends there is a local show in town and tune in Sunday nights at 10pm or just stream here.



Rock Talk is the all things local radio program that airs on Z 106.7 Sunday nights from 10-11pm. Rock Talk is hosted by Simon Nytes and co-hosted by Chris and Scott from If you would like to get your band on Rock Talk, contact us at for booking. For back episodes of Rock Talk featuring tons of bands and live performances, just click the “Rock Talk” tag. Thanks for listening.



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3 Responses to “Rock Talk (3/22/09) with guests Chris Aytes and Daniel Maple”

  1. the first teen Says:

    i’m sorry we screwed your perception of rock music

    but seriously, thank you for the kind words

  2. New Music EXCLUSIVE: “Take Care Of One Another,” by Chris Aytes « Says:

    […] Care Of One Another,” by Chris Aytes By thederosh If you’ve listened to last Sunday’s Rock Talk, you know guest Chris Aytes has been hard at work on new tracks. He intended to bring one, fully […]

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