Dirty Old Towne cancels future shows; lineup changes in the works


Dirty Old Towne hosts their CD Release Irish Bash tonight at Waxy O'Shea's on Branson Landing

We certainly didn’t see this one coming, but after talking to Dirty Old Towne drummer Daniel Dossey it makes sense. We’ll explain after the break.

As Dossey explained, the Branson-based Irish folk-rock band makes its core living during the Branson show season; many members of the band have day gigs at various theatres throughout the city. Dossey says the group had a long discussion about what to do about the upcoming Branson show season and whether to make the band a full-time job or continue to split time between Dirty Old Towne and the Branson show scene. A full-time commitment to the band would mean more touring, something members such as violinist Michael Haygood (a member of the Haygoods family of Branson performers) can ill afford. (All DOT members except Dossey and bassist Dan “Danny Boy” Wilburn work at Branson theatre shows in addition to performing in Dirty Old Towne.)

Dossey Wilburn was adamant about not staying in Branson for another nine-month season in the hopes of eventually making the band a full-time gig, but with other members unable to make the band a full-time job yet Wilburn chose to leave the group and, Dossey says, is likely moving out of town. Violinist Michael Haygood and guitarist Dan Richards may follow Wilburn out of the group pending further discussion. With the lineup in a state of flux, Dossey says the group decided to suspend shows until the smoke clears and new band members can be found as needed to continue with. The new focus, however, is clear. Dossey says that when Dirty Old Towne re-emerges it will be as a full-time, touring entity, with members auditioned and primed for such a role.

The timing is unfortunate, given that the band just finished recording its self-titled EP and came off a very successful run of shows before and during St. Patrick’s Day. However, as Dossey explained, with Branson show season looming on the horizon with its nine-month commitment, the members had to make a choice. We’ll keep you updated on when more announcements come, as well as the band’s plan for trying out new members. Stay tuned.


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5 Responses to “Dirty Old Towne cancels future shows; lineup changes in the works”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    this really f***in sucks.

  2. grant Says:

    yup. branson: you can make a living playing, you just can’t do anything else.

  3. Amy Lynne Says:

    Yeah…this really *DOES* suck, but what’s done is done.

  4. Dirty Old Towne Says:

    Hi guys. Dossey here. We have been auditioning several guitarists. We’re looking for talented musicians of all instruments though… other than drums. That’s my job!

    I just wanted to say that Dan Richards and Danny Boy Wilburn ARE staying in town and are focusing on starting a Celtic group of their own called Bedlam Saints. They are on myspace so be sure to check them out.

    As for Dirty Old Towne, the surprising decision in the lineup comes from Michael Haygood. We thought this would be a good opportunity for him to gracefully step aside and focus on his number 1 job, The Haygoods, and understandably so. Their focus on original material promises much for their future. BUT!!!… he expressed ZERO interest in leaving the band Dirty Old Towne and wants to stay on board as long as possible! This means that Daniel Dossey, Will Matherly and Michael Haygood are very much still together and are writing more music than ever.

    While our search continues for other members, we plan to write and record as much as possible, making Dirty Old Towne our primary focus (Haygood as much as possible) for the next 9 months.

    Have faith… this will work out. Will Matherly is an INCREDIBLY talented and PROLIFIC songwriter. We’ve also discovered that he and I make an even better songwriting team.

    Long story long, the future looks bright!

    Cheers everyone! Thanks for your support.

    Daniel Dossey

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