Bootheel unleashes new recordings



Local up-and-coming smash-twang group Bootheel are finally on the grid. They’ve just set up a Myspace page, which you can find here. Not only that, but they’ve been recording, too, and no basement pseudo-studio for them. See that city in the photo background? Look like Springfield? Nope. Click below and find out where the boys have been laying down tracks. Promise it’s worth it.

Members of Bootheel in Electrical Studio in Chicago

Members of Bootheel in Electrical Studio in Chicago

The band traveled up to Chicago to work on two tracks at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio with longtime friend/former local musician/Electrical employee Jon San Paolo behind the boards. The first two tracks on the band’s MySpace player–“I Fish For Taste” and “I’ll Be Damn’d”–are just part of the result of the session; more tracks will be released in the near future on an EP. A third track, “Bering Sea,” was recorded in Springfield with Logan Williams of Faatherton and Short Histories of Powerful Nations.

All of this begs the question: First working in Steve Albini’s studio, next working with Steve Albini? If so Bootheel could join one hell of a list of artists. Someday… someday…


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