The Final Verdict: Sparrows will close April 1 after all


Sparrows Music Venue has been trying since last fall to raise enough money to move to a new location after the expiration of its current lease April 1. It’s a sensible approach to take, given that the venue’s current location isn’t near anything else that would generate foot traffic for it (i.e. other businesses open at 7 p.m. or later), and is barely in Springfield at all. Factor in the lack of signage, complicated directions, etc. and you have not a hurdle but a pole vault.

A check of the Sparrows MySpace page shows not only is the venue not booking, but it’s removed the calendar feature from its page and removed practically everything else but old show fliers as well. It looks like the doors are about to close on one of the city’s few all-ages show spots, and without an official going-away show to boot. We can only hope the people in charge give it another shot. There is no such thing as too many places to see and hear music.


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