FINALLY!!! Springfield opens a new live music club


Standing inside of Canvas Bar & Gallery on 5th Street in downtown Austin for South By Southwest (MUCH more on that later) Friday night, I got the following text from local musician Erik McGreevy back in Springfield:

“3-20’s, could be the new place for rock music and national acts. Same size of the Rockwell, decent stage, floor layout is the shit with two bars. It’s where confettis used to be.”

Imagine… a bar called 3-20’s opening on 3/20. Now, we’re taking the text at face value for now until there’s time to follow up, but it’s exciting to finally have a midsize room in Springfield for rock music again. We were subsequently told it has the potential to be Springfield’s answer to Pop’s in St. Louis, which is promising. We’ll withhold thoughts until we see it for ourselves, but perhaps you know a thing or two ahead of us. Did you go during opening weekend, either Friday or Saturday? What did you think? Can it gain a foothold in a location where other clubs–dance clubs, admittedly–have failed? Tell us in the comments. We wanna know.


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7 Responses to “FINALLY!!! Springfield opens a new live music club”

  1. Tiffany Rene' Says:

    Well, it has the same owner as Archie’s, another local favorite. I believe it will do well, considering it’s owned by someone who’s actually owned a bar before… We’re playing there later in the year!

  2. Scott P. Says:

    More from Erik:

    “It’s a pretty nice place. Open Thursday through Saturday with bands. So far I’ve just heard classic rock cover bands. But the place is awesome looking. Could have potential to be the Pop’s of Springfield it’s so nice. They might just need to build the stage up a little bit and beef the PA. Two bars. The second bar is up three feet higher with a railing. Potential to gave all ages shows and make that the 21 and up area”

  3. grant Says:

    i hope the glass in the bar doesn’t rattle to the point of breaking like pops. also, that it’s larger. and that it will book me. yay!

  4. Dan Magnum Says:

    Contact information?

  5. Scott P. Says:

    working on it. all we know right now is that its the owners of Archie’s

  6. Katie Says:


  7. Tiffany Rene' Says:

    Corner of Battlefield and Kansas pretty much. In Kansas Station…

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