Rock Talk (3/15) with My Wasted Life, Johan from Black Box Revue, cameo by Social Distortion (sort of)


kzrqrocktalklogo1It may not be the best curveball ever, but it’s a pretty good curveball as musical ones go. Get a load of this: My Wasted Life, a band known for loud uptempo fun and a fondness for ska music, played acoustic during Z 106.7’s Rock Talk last night ahead of its show with The Magnificents! and The Heat Machine tonight at The Outland. If that wasn’t enough–and is it ever, really?–Johan from Black Box Revue came in to tell us about the DJ group’s upcoming road trip to South By Southwest, along with upcoming shows such as Beep Beep at The Outland Ballroom next month. In the process, we debuted a never-heard-on-local-radio-before track to exemplify the sort of music Black Box Revue spins each Friday night at The Outland. Random? Yes. Awesome? Defninitely. To top it all off, we gave a quick salute to the March 27th Social Distortion tribute show at Lindberg’s to get the ball rolling. Listen to it all after the break.

3/15/09 Part 1

3/15/09 Part 2

3/15/09 Part 3

3/15/09 Part 4

3/15/09 Part 5

3/15/09 Part 6

3/15/09 Part 7

3/15/09 Part 8

3/15/09 Part 9

3/15/09 Part 10

3/15/09 Part 11

3/15/09 Part 12


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2 Responses to “Rock Talk (3/15) with My Wasted Life, Johan from Black Box Revue, cameo by Social Distortion (sort of)”

  1. Lucia Says:

    YYYs digital release: Tuesday, March 9th.

    Definitely nice to hear it on local radio nonetheless… luckily no letters of disapproval / legal matters should come your way. 😉

  2. Lucia Says:

    also, websites mentioned during johan’s interview: (sxsw party)

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