Truckstop Honeymoon to play in-house concert at High Strung Music (3/25/09)



If you’re an avid Rock Talk listener, you’ll remember a number of weeks ago where we had High Strung Music come in and talk about their in-house concert series and the upcoming Truckstop Honemoon show. These guys are road warriors and have built a pretty big name for themselves playing festivals and events all over the country. Now they’re playing in a music store and the roof is going to blow off the place. High Strung isn’t more than a 60×20 room filled with acoustics, banjos, drums, amps, strings, and stuff—and these in-house shows are packing 100 people. That makes for a very rowdy, hot, cramped, helluva good time!

Here’s all the info you need for the show and to hear the band:

Now, we took a quick listen and were blown away by this group. It’s hard to describe, so we’ll let some of the press pass on their thought. Just read this and tell us you’re not interested.

Truckstop Honeymoon play tough, funny, hi-octane songs about interstates, pinball arcades and true love. Katie Euliss pounds a doghouse bass while Mike West punishes a banjo mercilessly. Together they charm festival crowds and drive roadhouse drinkers to the dance-floor.

“It’s like the gamily story hour, a tent revival, a night at a speakeasy, a trip to a house of ill repute and a family picnic all rolled into one” – F5, Wichita, KS

“Bluegras, Punk-Rock and a palpable dose of soul” – The Pitch, KC, MO

“They spit on enough conventions to keep things interesting” – The Onion, Madison, WI

“It’s gritty, grisly and guttural, and makes for damn fine music” Where Y’at Magazine, New Orleans, LA

“A barnstorming punk rock take on vaudeville banjo and bluegrass music” – Lagniappe, New Orleans, LA

“When they play live, the possess the conviction and borderline craziness of many of the characters in their songs” – The Gambit, New Orleans, LA

Since hurricane Katrina washed them out of New Orleans, Truckstop Honeymoon have traveled to the ends of the Earth and back, performing in Australia, Holland, Germany, Britain and throughout the US. Their music tells a story so honest and strange you know they didn’t make it up.

Katie learned whore-house piano and bucket bass in the streets of the French Quarter. There she met Mike, a banjo-slinging grifter who sold CDs he claimed cured hangovers and small-mindedness. After a court house wedding, the pair hit the road. They spent their wedding night in a truck stop somewhere between Lafayette and the Atchafalya Swamp. And so Truckstop Honeymoon was born.

On August 29 2005, flood waters submerged their home base in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans. Truckstop Honeymoon were on tour when the storm hit and so on-tour is where they stayed. Mike and Katie played shows every night, lived out of their van and kept their two daughters entertained in convenience stores across America. But eventually, the road weary family parked their rig as far from any large body of water as they could get: Lawrence, Kansas.

Truckstop Honeymoon continue to tour and build a loyal following from Illinois to Norway. They have put out four CDs on Baton Rouge label, Squirrel Records, and a full length documentary film by Nathan King Miller, “I Won’t Let The Angels Take You Away”, will soon be available on DVD.

When they are not traveling, Katie and Mike run The 9th Ward Pickin’ Parlor, a small studio where they produce songwriters, bands and eccentrics from all over the United States.

Shoot be a hell of a time. See you there Saturday night!


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  1. Jen Says:

    Truckstop Honeymoon is fantastic!!!!!!

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