Punk R–er, Punk/Metal Wednesday @ Outland tonight


Punk and metal are brothers from another mother–at their roots, anyway–so why not combine the two into one show of bleed-you-dry badassliness? Consider it done: Molotov Latte (good to see them back on a stage), Social Affliction (an up-and-comer with many shows lately), Angry Panda (the gold standard in local one-man acoustic punk acts), The Face Shots (Springfield’s only all-girl punk band) and Knife*Death (metal… without cause or provocation!) combine to bring you a Punk Rock and More Wednesday at The Outland tonight. Someone please run over a bunny in front of us so we can be angry enough to survive in the front row of this show.*

*Please do not run over a bunny. We’re not responsible for what we do to bunny-runners-over… is that even a word? Nevermind. Just go to the show.


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