NO, really. How much event CAN Palen Music pack into one day?


palenspringfieldsouthLast summer’s battle of the bands at Palen Music was a resounding success, with bands from all genres and age groups performing for a panel of judges throughout the day inside the store and in the neighboring parking lot. The event was so successful, in fact, that Palen is bringing it back in conjunction with another of its extravaganzas; the combination might be the most mind-blowing day ever organized in our local record stores. Read more about it after the break.

Palen is combining its battle of the bands this year with its annual closed door sale, which offers absolutely insane deals to the customers inside. (Read the most recent comment/review on this page, dated 2/26/08, to get an idea of what you’re in for.) The list of competing bands isn’t finalized yet, and neither is the list of door prizes and other giveaways, but we’ve heard talk of giveaways ranging from music equipment (natch) up to a chance at a new car (whoa). It all goes down March 28 at Palen Music (1560 E. Raynell Place, 417-882-7000) starting at 10 a.m. We’ll fill you in with more when we get it.


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15 Responses to “NO, really. How much event CAN Palen Music pack into one day?”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    Last year’s BOTB was really cool and a great time. Their closed door sale is always awesome. But a combination? Uber-awesome!

  2. Paul Says:

    Palen is so lame though. There is nothing good about that store.

  3. Andrew J. Says:

    They couldn’t discount things enough to make me want to shop there.

  4. Paul Says:

    I will say that Palen has some good products, but their customer service makes me want to shop elsewhere.

    I would drive to Lebanon, and go to Morgan Music, if I wanted PRS.

    They just have rubbed me wrong too many times.

  5. Drew Says:

    Man I don’t know what you guys are talking about, I’ve never gotten anything except the nicest service there. The prices are just as good as you’ll find anywhere else and their service is great…

  6. Paul Says:

    I guess it started when I went in there in when I was 19, and wanted to buy a Vox Valvetronix. I asked them if I could play it, and they said “no.” I then said, “but I want to buy it.” They said “Well, save up some money, and maybe you can get one”

    I then pulled out the money, and their story changed.

    “hahaha! I was just playing, man.”

    I prefer Hoover and Springfield Music.

    I just feel like I’m taken care of there.

  7. James Says:

    Yeeeaahhh Palen sucks.

  8. Conor Says:

    i dont know why this is on here. is palen paying you?

    i agree with everyone else

    palen = bad

    • Scott P. Says:

      No they’re not. Its a business having a battle of the bands. Its post worthy. Maybe one day we’ll make a penny off this site. As of now, grand total made = $0.

  9. Chase Says:


  10. Drew Says:

    So, how long has it been since you’ve been in the store? I know there use to be a few idiots that worked there and I didn’t like them either. I think They’re all gone now. The people there, every single one of them, are all more than nice when I walk in the door. Last time I was in there they let me play the nicest PRS they have and I told them I wasn’t even planning on buying it.

    Springfield Music, Hoover, and Palen are the only true helpful professionals left in town! We have to give these guys credit for being in town for so long. GC and Best Buy are going to turn music stores in to Walmarts basically. Support your local professionals!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I went in there to play a PRS Hollowbody II with double 10 tops, piezo, and birds. Basically the most expensive guitar in the store – and it was nice. I could have purchased it, but I didn’t, because the salesdouche came up to me and said “uh….are you serious about this guitar? Did you just come into some money or something?”

    The nerve.

    I’ve never gotten anything but hackneyed BS car salesman tactics when I go in there. The dude sat on the amp, talking to me, moving knobs around – its like, hello, I’m trying out this guitar, I want to see what sounds I can get out of it, not listen to you yap on, watch you stare at me, and get your own stupid sounds out of the amp.

    Worst store I’ve been in, anywhere.

  12. Stinky Edwards Says:

    “No they’re not. Its a business having a battle of the bands. Its post worthy. Maybe one day we’ll make a penny off this site. As of now, grand total made = $0.”

    Actually, I’ll bet this has COST you a lot. Kudos guys.

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