Dan Willhite injured in house fire


danA good friend of ours and of many musicians in the area, Dan Willhite, has been injured in a house fire. If you’ve been to a show at The Outland, High Life Live, or Lindberg’s, you have seen Dan. He’s a loyal fan of local music and a great person. More…

We caught word through our good friend Blondie. [her Myspace bulletin]

For friends of Dan Willhite…

Early Sat morning Dan was in a house fire. He is now in the burn unit at St. John’s hospital. No one could find him, so we all went on a hunt until we found out what happened. So he had not had any visitors until today.

I went up to see him today. He cant talk as he is still intebated right now. He can communicate by writing but that is very difficult because of all the medication he is on and also he is the world’s worst speller. It took me a while but I figured out alot of his questions, one was how long had he been there. He had no idea. He also asked if anyone knew, I let him know we had all just found out, his parents didnt even know til we hunted him down today. I let him know his face and eyes are okay. They said the tube should come out soon so he will be able to talk. He was very happy to see someone there that cared about him, he cried, I cried.

So everyone please support Dan & let him know he is loved by going to see him or sending him a card. He is in room 7621.

Hopefully some of you can send a card, visit, or help him in one of the many ways he is probably going to need in the next few months. Get well Dan!


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2 Responses to “Dan Willhite injured in house fire”

  1. blondie Says:

    ****UPDATE*** 3-11-09 6pm

    I just talked to Dan’s mom. Dan is out of the hospital and on his way home to his parents house. The hospital sent equipment home with them to continue treatment on his lungs and burns. He will have many follow ups in the weeks to come. Dan and his parents send many thanks to all the wonderful friends who came to visit Dan and keep his spirits up. Positive vibes help heal in so many ways.

    Dan has no clothes or any place to live at this moment, so we are all going to get something together soon to help him out.


  2. grant Says:

    please contact me when you get something together, i’d like to help!

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