Psssst We’re up to stuff. Cool BIG stuff. Check it out. (A MUST READ)



Soooo, remember that thing we did back in November with 45 bands at 9 venues? Yeah, FourFourFest. Well we’re up to something again. If you’re in a band, or you just love festivals and cool stuff like that, you’ll want to read the rest of this.

First of all, sorry about the lack of posts lately. The wallets have been bare for a while now and we’ve had to work extra hours at the real jobs so we can pay rent and the electric bill. Don’t worry though, we’ve been pretty damn busy offline to bring you something awesome. (By the way, bands…we can’t spend all day scouring the web to track down what you’re up to. You need to email us—see contact link to right— your news, recording updates, new recordings/demos/EPs/albums for review, get on our radio show Rock Talk on 106.7, and Myspace event invite us with RSVP with your shows. THNX LUV U!)

So nothing is “official” yet, but we’re up to some stuff. Some awesome stuff that we thinks will help bands and fans alike. We’ve been in talks with My31 and 106.7. We’re going to be working together to bring you a compilation of unsigned bands and a HUGE festival that all the bands on said compilation will play. Now, nothing is finalized. I just want to give you guys a heads up to get going on that awesome new song that you haven’t recorded yet because you just might want to get on this thing.

This is a “soft” announcement perse. Again, this is NOT official or anything like that. The team of people working to bring all this is working hard to secure a venue. I can’t say where we’re looking but its going to be BIG. The kinds of places that can host 16 bands in one place in one day.

We will be taking submissions of one song per band. The song can be no longer than say four minutes and thirty seconds (4:30), but less than four minutes is encouraged. Why? Because submissions will more than likely be played ON-AIR on 106.7 so people can text to vote and/or come to to vote. My31 and 106.7 are AMAZING and will be running commercials and having tons of air-time dedicated to the contest. Once we get down to the 16 bands, we’ll begin work on the compilation CD. Thousands will be pressed. Bands on it will get a shit-ton of FREE promotion and exposure through RADIO with 106.7, TV with MY31, and through the INTERNET with 106.7 and MY31’s websites as well as and all of our sites to promote the contest and the HUGE event we’re planning.

This is kind of a big deal for local music. We are very excited at this opportunity for local music and thank MY31 and 106.7 for making it possible (b/c frankly, we’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I mean a while, but c’mon…we’re dead broke and have to work too much at the day jobs).

There will be TONS of sponsors and this thing will be promoted like F*ing crazy! Bands, this is your heads up. Get on it b/c more info is coming soon and the submissions will start being taken soon. So get on it. Get in the studio and get some stuff professionally recorded so it sounds baller on the radio. Yes, I said baller. I actually typed it out, b/c your stuff always sounds better on the radio. It sounds extra-fantabular on the radio if it was recorded, mixed and mastered professionally. So support your local studio/engineer/dude with a nice setup that knows what he’s doing and get some stuff recorded b/c you NEED to and WANT to be a part of this. At least, we NEED and WANT you to be a part of this.

So c’mon, lets do something awesome together.

NOTE: Please DO NOT send us any submissions yet. We will be posting more information once everything is ready to go. Trust us, there’s plenty of time.


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4 Responses to “Psssst We’re up to stuff. Cool BIG stuff. Check it out. (A MUST READ)”

  1. Katie Says:

    MEISA would love to help you guys out!

  2. Trent Wilson Says:

    Sign me up!

  3. The Spilken8r Says:

    Y’all know I’m in.

  4. Teresa Spencer-Mackey Says:

    Hi Guys…

    Just doing some basic research for some quarterly reports I have due and came across this article… Very nice! BTW, I have set the meeting with the Venue folks (The one we want) and have a good feeling about the outcome! We will keep you abreast of the deal as it should be signed in just days! (It can’t happen before then due to one of the decision makers being out of the country) But I did pitch the concept via phone conference and got a big fat YES!!! So, it looks like this is going to fly the way we want it to! We should have a signed deal in less than two weeks.

    SO …..Thanks for your hard work already…. this is going to be HUGE!!!! LOVE IT. 🙂 T

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