Drowning in a St. Pat’s miasma? Nathan P. Murphy’s throws you a Lifeline


lifelineWe all know what there is to do in Springfield on St. Patrick’s Day: Attend the parade in the morning, have a few beers during the afternoon to carry you over to the pub crawl, and then, well, crawl between pubs. The problem is the pub crawl is three days before St. Patrick’s Day, leaving you with, ahem, fewer options on the night itself. If you’d like an idea, well, there’s this (please note the calendar) or, for those not willing to drive much, well, we’re sure there’s some lovely televised programming for you to partake in.

…who are we kidding. NO ONE watches TV on St. Patrick’s Day, and neither should you. If none of the above is your speed, click the link below and learn more about a new option that might interest you.

We have our very own Chicagoans (Chicagoites? Chicagians? Chicago natives? Nevermind…) coming down to celebrate the headache-inducing holiday, which–important to note–is not pub crawl night (3/14), but the following Tuesday (3/17). The Lifeline will headline at the club for a night of guitar-first alternative rock not unlike Anberlin. Opening acts and door charge aren’t announced yet, but expect the usual door time of 8 p.m. Wear your favorite green thing.


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