Shinedown and Saving Abel coming to the Shrine Mosque May 3


shinedown(Sung in teasing, nah-nuh-nah-nuh-nah-nah tone) “We know something Pollstar doesn’t know…”

Well, that certainly won’t last long, but here’s the news anyway: Shinedown is coming back to Springfield May 3 with special guest Saving Abel. Both of these bands have been very successful draws locally in the past; Shinedown has been packing rooms since the days of Remington’s (one “M,” south side), and Saving Abel teamed up with Puddle of Mudd last July at the Ozark Empire Fair.

More details as we get them…


4 Responses to “Shinedown and Saving Abel coming to the Shrine Mosque May 3”

  1. brigit Says:

    when do tickets go on sale for the shrine mosque and where can they be purchased?

  2. Becca Says:

    SHINEDOWN!!! Is all i really have to say. You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for you guys to come close to home. Thankyou so much! You can count on seeing me in that croud heres a hint I’ll be the crazy short girk yelling louder than any guy standing around me.:) I cant wait! See you guys soon.

  3. Becca Says:

    Becca again… um to answer brigit the tickets went on sale 2 weeks ago saturday. Just incase you didnt know yet.
    Brent Smith is brilliant! His lyrics are deep, each word comes together writting a story. But like every band he didint do it alone and there new lead guitarist is kick ass! Not that I didnt like the original because the original can never be remade. Just like a classic car. I can’t wait till SHINEDOWN comes!

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    […] We’ve had quite the hit parade lately when it comes to big-ticket shows lately; 3 Doors Down, Shinedown, Parkway Drive, GWAR and 311, just to name a few. Here’s the latest: Saliva is coming back to […]

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