Tonight’s Rock Talk on 106.7 (10pm): The Exact Opposite of an Oscar Party


Woot Oscars…there, that’s about all you’ll hear from us for two reasons. A) We’re still recovering from the Wes Jeans, Dirty Old Towne and Knife*Death shows. B) We have a radio show called Rock Talk that is hosted by Simon Nytes and airs on 106.7 at 10pm on Sunday nights. So turn your Oscar Party into a Rock Talk party and support some great local acts.

This week we have the guys from FrogEyeJugBand come in and jam some GREAT music live in the studio, as well as talk about some BIG recording plans in their very near future. After them we have the new and improved local “cock rockers” Levee in the studio talking about their big show at Nathan P. Murphy’s next weekend (all ages btw) as they play a few tracks from their upcoming cd (which will finally be available at the show). Lastly we have the awesome guys in Jam Room come in with guitars in-tow. They’ll talk about their HUGE show with nonother than The Schwag and they plan on jammin a few tunes live in the studio.

Listen in and take a drink every time you hear the phrase “Cock Rock!”


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One Response to “Tonight’s Rock Talk on 106.7 (10pm): The Exact Opposite of an Oscar Party”

  1. Jon McKinney Says:

    Heard LEVEE last night and thought it was BADASS!!! Thanks for playin’ the ‘cock rock’ !!!

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