Egomagnet cancels QCS (Borders) show due to car accident


Brandon Hilt of Egomagnet

One of Springfield’s top up-and-coming jam rock bands, Egomagnet was slated to play Borders last night (2/19/09) as part of the awesomely successful Queen City Shout concert series put on by local veteran Eddie Gumucio at Border’s Bookstore. Well, they didn’t—and for good reason.

Not more than an hour before the show, guitarist Brandon Hilt was injured in a car accident. From Egomagnet’s note to fans, sounds like he isn’t severely injured (whew). After the accident he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Good to hear the MRI’s came back negative. Get well soon Brandon.

From Egomagnet‘s bulletin posted today:

We would like to apologize to anyone who made it out to BORDERS tonight. Egomagnet was scheduled to play, but was unable to perform. Brandon was injured in a car accident almost an hour before the show, and we felt that was more of a concern. The good news is all of the MRI’s have came back negative, and he is showing signs of only having a minor concussion. We will let you know more as we find it out, and are sorry for the lack of a show.



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