Videos From Valentine’s Day (Mudvayne, Clutch, Nonpoint, Red Fang)


My internets are being just aaaweeeesome and this is taking for-ev-er, but steady and slow wins the race I guess. I’ve been uploading the videos from last Saturday to our YouTube. We’ve got a bunch of videos including a bunch from Mudvayne including “World So Cold,” “Determined,” “Happy,” “Nothing To Gein,” “Do What You Do,” “Dig,” and “Death Blooms.” We also have Clutch performing “Electric Worry,” and Nonpoint performing “What A Day.” Also nabbed a video of Red Fang as they were closing their set. They were awesome. Definately look for them in the future. I’m hoping to get the pics up by tomorrow night so stay tuned.

See ALL the vids in the rest of this post

Just a note of the awesome on Mudvayne’s show, Chad (singer) has a very very bad case of the flu (almost bed-ridden). Well, we caught word from some of the crew that halfway through Mudvayne’s first song, he ran to the side of the stage and let out a huuuge upchuck then ran back out and put on one hell of a show. See for yourself. That’s metal. And now to the videos…

Visit our YouTube page for tons more videos of locals and nationals.


ALSO: Check out E-Man’s vid from the night. We make a special appearance in the second vid.


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