FourFour EXCLUSIVE: The North Decade covers “Blonde On Blonde,” by Nada Surf



We received word the other night that one of our favorite below-the-radar weeknight shows–The North Decade Tuesday nights at Ebbets Field–is drawing to a close; the last Ebbets show is next Tuesday, after which TND members Mike Evans and Ryan Spilken say they want to concentrate on spending time in the studio. To say goodbye to their covers-rich bar set, however, the group is sending it off in style with a recording of Nada Surf’s “Blonde On Blonde.” It’s a sweet performance, and it’s all yours after the break.




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2 Responses to “FourFour EXCLUSIVE: The North Decade covers “Blonde On Blonde,” by Nada Surf”

  1. The Show Report, 2/24: Where mah beeds at, Jethro?! « Says:

    […] mark the occasion, the group recorded a cover of Nada Surf’s “Blonde On Blonde,” which you can only get by clicking here. We’re more than a little sad to see this show go, especially since FourFourFest was its […]

  2. The 2009 Year In Music: The Web Exclusives | TheFourFour Says:

    […] * “Blonde On Blonde,” written by Nada Surf and performed by The North Decade: When this Ryan Spilken (Ilijah, The Verbs (Redux)) side project, a two-piece at the time, wound down its weekly gig at Ebbets Field early this year, it did so with this Nada Surf cover as a going-away gift. At the time of its debut, it was a FourFour exclusive, too. Click here to download it from our original post. […]

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