Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs preparing solo record


heinrichs-studioOkay, nobody panic; Jah Roots is on hiatus, but it’s not splitting up. The group maintains it’s on hiatus until April–even though it already played the Bob Marley Birthday Bash a couple of weeks ago and is playing the Sertoma Chili Cookoff Saturday–and singer Josh Heinrichs, aka Ras Josh, is seizing the opportunity to do some work on his own. Find out more after the break.

As Heinrichs explains:

“I have always wanted to record a cd on my own. After years of playing with my band Jah Roots, I have finally had an opportunity to go and adventure a little bit on my own since Jah Roots is on break until April.

“My friend Miles from 77 Jefferson works at a recording studio in Kansas City (3 hours away) and offered a while back to hook me up with some time at his studio.

“So I took my wife & kids to a friends house in KC to kick it while I met up w/ Miles for some sessions.

“I was fortunate enough to have Richmo from SeedLove let me use his acoustic guitar to record with and noticed he had a melodica in his car. I asked if he would like to join me in a song or two and that resulted in 2 amazing tracks & was also fortunate enough to have Miles throw down a sick beat and bass line for a special remix of “JOY” ! The finished product is a 5 song EP of NEW and old songs and a special bonus track by my daughter Kaya.”

Keep an eye out on your iTunes for the album’s release in the near future; we’ll let you know when it comes out.


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One Response to “Jah Roots singer Josh Heinrichs preparing solo record”

  1. grant Says:

    hells yeah! can’t wait to hear it, baby boy!

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