Rock Talk (2/15) with Dirty Old Towne & Knife Death; cameos by J.R. Top and Sweethearts candies


kzrqrocktalklogo1So Dirty Old Towne, Knife*Death and our legendary sometime co-host/full-time woodsman J.R. Top dropped by the studio the night after Valentine’s Day for Rock Talk on Z 106.7, which can only lead to three things:

1. Hilarious conversation about everything from candy hearts to Jean-Claude Van Damme teaming with Shriners to save the world.

2. Wildly entertaining music was played, all of which you can drink to.

3. There were more beards in the room than in a Band Of Horses video.

We promise that’s not all, either. Listen after the break and revel in the chaos.


Rock Talk is the all things local radio program that airs on Z 106.7 Sunday nights from 10-11pm. Rock Talk is hosted by Simon Nytes and co-hosted by Chris and Scott from If you would like to get your band on Rock Talk, contact us at for booking.

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6 Responses to “Rock Talk (2/15) with Dirty Old Towne & Knife Death; cameos by J.R. Top and Sweethearts candies”

  1. Katie Says:

    I like the alternative names for Knife*Death

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  3. Amy Lynne Says:

    ProAM? They weren’t here.
    The Beautiful Losers were

  4. Dirty Old Towne Says:

    No no, that was ProAM Amy. I know the guys in the band. That’s what they said. It’s ProAM. Okay, I’m lying…. I don’t know the guys in the band… and that’s not what they said. I’m pretty sure you’re right. It WAS the Beautiful Losers.

  5. Scott P. Says:

    It WAS Beautiful Losers. I was told wrong. Sorry about that. it was a great show ALL AROUND.

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